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• Quality Product
• Made of VIRGIN Material
• BPA Free
• Unbreakable
• Resistant to breakage
• Better product dispensing
• Reduced weight
• Lower corrugation costs
• Decibel reduction


Over the past 20-plus years, JK PET is involve in the production of plastic bottles on a large scale. We are providing a wide range of plastic containers in different shapes and sizes. Most of the bottles that we produce are manufactured by using PET as a raw material. PET is basically a polymer, which stands for Poly-Ethylene terephthalate. These bottles are commonly used to store almost all kinds of beverages like carbonated beverages, water, juices, many food products as well as some personal care products for longer periods of time. They generally, possess a high degree of resistance and high tensile strength. Their unique qualities and strength make them environmental friendly in nature. These PET bottles can also be recycled and reused, which makes them an ideal and trustworthy option for users. These user friendly PET Bottles are mostly transparent in nature, our customers can access them in multiple colors and shapes.

Details + dimentions

  • Overall product dimensions:
    66MM w x 66MM d x 164MM h.
  • Height:
    164 MM.
  • Width:
    66 MM.
  • Diameter:
    66 MM.
  • Neck Size:
    63 MM.
  • Volume:
    450 ML ± 10 ML
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